Intro: Welcome to the Game

Hello and welcome everybody. I am proud to announce the first ever post for this new website I have created. 

This. Is. Pick-Up Sports: Cleveland! (Vince McMahon voice).

On this website I will be providing commentary on sports topics I feel passionate about. Based out of Cleveland, OH, there will be a lot of Indians and Cavaliers talk here, but I also fully intend to talk about their leagues as large. If I am passionate about it, you will read it. We will probably even get into Blue Jackets and hockey content!

You might notice though, the Browns are conspicuously absent from the conversation. Yes, there will be a lot more baseball and basketball talk on this site than football. The Browns and really NFL are just not a major interest for me at this moment. I intend to get into why at a later date, but for now just know I would be doing you a disservice by dwelling on the sport. It would be similar to the two times a year that ESPN forces Stephen A. Smith to talk about baseball. Not pretty! Further, football coverage is saturated anyway. Turn on ESPN in the afternoon in June. NFL Live will be on. Turn on sports talk radio in Cleveland any day of the year, chances are you will get Browns talk (or probably even more likely, a commercial). I want to use this site to give some shine to the Indians, Cavs and their respective leagues, along with even a sprinkling of hockey talk.

While we are on the topic of me, you will probably want to know why you should read this site anyway. I do have a background in baseball as a player and coach, even up to the college level. For the most part though, I am just a passionate, but intelligent fan. This is not a day job. I am writing merely for joy. Because I want to. If one other person enjoys reading, its all worth it.

In this day and age of talking heads in sports, I have found a real value in the perspective of the outsider. Journalists and former players are great and an imperative part of the media. However, some of my favorite platforms for consuming sports information come from shows, writers and podcasts that feel familiar. The content is dressed as though its coming from the surprisingly knowledgeable guy you are sitting next to at the bar, or from the casual phone conversation that you are having with your dad. That is what we are aiming for here, and I hope we can foster some conversation. Comments are always welcome.
And that is why this is called Pick-Up Sports Talk. This is not professional. Its not for money. I am here because I enjoy it and I hope you will join in. Right now, I am shooting around in my driveway, hoping for some readers so we can run a game. Comments are always welcome. I will even take on other writers, if you want to send me your ideas, at

Lastly, I want to apologize for the formatting of this site. This is my first foray into my own site, and I absolutely do not know what I am doing with design. If anyone is reading this, and wants to make a little cash sprucing up my set-up, I am all ears. Use the same email address from above in order to contact me.

Next time you hear from me, there will be real content. I am already loading up ideas for posts. They will be coming, but for now, Game 1 of the ALCS has just started up. I am going to set aside the keyboard and enjoy.

Until then.

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